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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to commonly asked questions are provided in the video above.  

For additional answers, please check the Frequently Asked Questions dropdown below or consult your skin care professional.

  • How do I know if the MINI is working?
    When the MINI is connected to a power source, the device will sound an initial short double beep.
  • How do I know current is flowing if I do not feel anything?
    As long as you hear a beep, that means current is flowing. The way the software is written is for the beep to happen if it detects current. It can only beep if it detects current.
  • How do I know current is flowing to the MINI device?
    Current is continuously flowing when the MINI is connected to a power source. A beep will sound when the MINI probes are touched to something conductive. To test, apply a thin layer of gel to the skin, and place the MINI on gel-covered skin. The MINI will sound a single beep. Another test is to touch the MINI probes to a metal object (like a fork, knife, or foil), then listen for a single beep.
  • How do I order additional conductive gel?
    To order additional conductive gel, please contact the skin care professional where the MINI was purchased. Gel can also be purchased at
  • What are contraindications for using the Clareblend MINI?
    WARNINGS & PRECAUTIONS: The MINI facial procedure is intended for facial stimulation and should not be used if the following indications are present: - Pregnancy - Seizures - Cancer or tumors - Cardiac pacemaker, or any electronic implanted defibrillator, simulators, or electronic devices as possible interference with these devices may occur - Do not use if prone to phlebitis, thrombosis, or on varicose veins Use MINI only on normal skin. Do not use on skin that is swollen, infected, or has cancerous lesions. MINI is designed for cosmetic use only and for individuals in good health. As with any medical condition or after facial surgery of any kind, please consult your physician before use. MINI is for adult use only and should be kept out of the reach of children. Seek approval from your medical provider and wait a minimum of 10 days before using MINI after the following procedures: - Botox - Injections and/or fillers - Micro-needling (use after skin has fully healed)
  • How do I clean the MINI?
    When procedure is complete, unplug device from power source, clean with an alcohol swab or a damp cloth and store in the provided travel bag.
  • What if I do not hear a beep when the MINI is plugged in?
    If the MINI does not beep upon plugging in, try to connect the USB into another power source or outlet.
  • Can I check to see if my Clareblend MINI is working with a multimeter?
    No, a multimeter is only good for testing static (DC), low frequency (AC) signals. It does not and cannot measure higher frequency pulses that the MINI generates. A better instrument to verify the operation of the MINI is to use an oscilloscope which must be done with a “patient” load placed across the two electrodes.
  • What is the warranty on the Clareblend MINI?
    Device has a 6 month limited warranty. Activate warranty upon purchase by submitting information online at: Warranty is void when device: - Is transferred to another person - Has been misused or subjected to accident - Has improper maintenance or repair - Has undergone an unauthorized modification The Lot Number needed for the warranty submission is located on the front of the MINI informational brochure. To begin any warranty claims, please contact the licensed skin care professional for troubleshooting assistance or next steps.
  • Powering the Clareblend MINI
    Clareblend MINI Microcurrent is powered via a USB cord connection. It uses 5V output of power to operate. This means a USB device that delivers 2.5 Watts of power is sufficient to power this device. The MINI can be plugged into a PC, tablet or a USB to wall plug adapter. If you use a portable battery, we recommend a portable battery which delivers 2.5 Watts of power. Do NOT use fast charging phone chargers to power the MINI.
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